Drug Offenses

Charleston Lawyer For Drug Charges Defense

If you are under investigation for a drug charge in Charleston County, Colleton County, Dorchester County or Berkeley County or anywhere statewide, South Carolina, it is important to get immediate representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Unless you have a defense attorney who is ready and willing to challenge everything about the prosecutor’s evidence, you may be facing unwarranted charges or heavier charges than the amount of drugs in your possession calls for. Having the right attorney can make the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony. Probation or time in jail. A conviction or getting the charges dropped altogether.

Attorney Michael DuPree Is A Former Senior Assistant Solicitor For Charleston County

As a former Senior Assistant County Solicitor for Charleston County, Michael DuPree understands the criminal justice system and what strategies prosecutors use when trying to convict someone of a narcotics offense in their jurisdiction. Mr. DuPree will vigorously challenge the prosecutor’s case, beginning with investigating probable cause for making the arrest, suppressing illegal evidence obtained in violation of search and seizure laws (without a proper warrant), and challenging the weight of evidence for the level of charges.

Knowledge Of South Carolina Drug Possession And Drug Trafficking Laws

Your future is on the line right now. Mr. DuPree offers a free case evaluation to review the circumstances of your charges. He will make no empty promises about the outcome of the case but promises to work hard to do everything legal possible to keep a conviction off your record or keep you out of jail if a plea agreement is your best option. He has earned the respect of the local assistant prosecutors and understands what programs may be available for chemical dependency treatment in place of a jail sentence.

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