Serious Offense

Michael DuPree DUI Defense Lawyer

Driving under the Influence (DUI) is a serious offense in the State of South Carolina. Historically, South Carolina’s DUI fatalities are much higher than most other states. Why? Could be due to the lack of public transportation. However, we now have services such as Uber and Lyft, which provides a safe option for people to get home after a night on the town. Still, drunk driving deaths are twice the national average in South Carolina, typically for individuals between the ages of 21 and 34, which can result in the loss of your license, possible jail time, large fines, outrageous insurance rates, and even possible loss of employment.


If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, it is critical that you act quickly to give yourself as many options as possible, including preserving your rights to an administrative hearing to see if your driving privileges can be reinstated.

Experienced Counsel

For more than 14 years Michael DuPree worked as an Assistant Solicitor for Charleston County and prosecuted numerous felonies and misdemeanors. His knowledge gained from years as a Solicitor is an invaluable asset to protecting your rights.

Mr. DuPree will take the time to thoroughly explain to you the charges you are facing, what elements the State must prove to convict you, let you know what you can expect as a result of the arrest, inform must do right now to protect your rights and, most importantly, what he can do to help defend your driver’s license and your freedom.

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